? What are Pooled Investments?

Pooled Investments, also known as Collective Investment Schemes, are investment vehicles that allow for several investors to invest their funds together towards achieving a common investment objective.

? How do you determine the Asset Class mix for Mutual Funds?

The Asset Class mix are determined by the Fund Manager based on the pre-identified Asset Classes that would enable the Mutual Fund to achieve the agreed investment objective.

? What are Asset Classes?

An Asset Class is a category of investments that have similar characteristics, attributes, and riskÔÇôreturn relationships.

? What do Equity & Fixed Income Securities mean?

Equity securities refer to stocks or shares of companies that are quoted on a stock exchange while fixed income securities are issued by both governments and companies as a means of raising money to finance their business activities in the short to medium term.

? How do I start an investment with STL Asset Management Limited?

Kindly call our experts via +234-913-734-1439 or send an email to stl@stlassetmgt.com for guidance.